About The Author

Art DiNick

Art Dinick is an aspiring author, an inspirational personality; he overcame a tragic accident that completely shaped his life differently afterward. Several years later, he remarried and now has six grandchildren. Art has approximately twenty US patents. He won the Exxon’s most valuable patent award twice and received numerous non-US patents. He received the Marquis Who’s Who lifetime achievement award for his engineering accomplishments. Dinick’s also earned a pilot’s license and built his experimental plane. From 1965 to 1999, he served as head of the Cracking Reactor Design Group and Lead Specialist for Exxon. He invented and co-developed over 90% of Exxon’s Cracking Reactor technology. He co-invented two low resident time cracking coil designs, which significantly-improved ethylene production (a major component in plastics). These designs are the premier designs used by Exxon today. He invented Low NOx (Flue Gas Recirculation burners) to meet EPA requirements. He also co-invented a device which permits cracking heavy garbage feeds containing high asphaltenes. Many of these developments are kept as Exxon trade secrets. Since 1999, Art has served as a consultant for a major oil/chemical company where he developed new designs for cracking reactors.

This story will make you think about the impact of the choices that you made in your life. How one seemingly insignificant choice may have led to drastic changes in your life.
How much or how little control did you have on the choices you made. At the end of the day life is short and unpredictable, this book makes you question yourself and contemplate the decisions you made in life and what if you made those decisions differently would it be any better than it is now or would you just have a different set of problems?